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Relax, and let us handle everything… Full PAYE Employment with pension and expenses where your work permits and all the statutory options and opportunities this brings.   

Your holiday entitlement can be accrued so you are paid when you take leave, or you cans elect if you want your entitlement included in you pay. 

When your work allows for expenses claims, we’ll be there to help.   

Our aim is to keep everything simple, in a language you understand and we’re alwaysavailable to make sure you’re up to speed. Our customer service team areavailable over the phone, email or WhatsApp 

Solution benefits:
- Full Employment Status
- Continuous Employment (when you stay with us)
- Statutory benefits
- Pension contributions    
- Expenses (where eligible)
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Professional Employment Organisation
Our PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) solution is transparent and easy to understand. The gross rate you are quoted for your assignment never changes (unless your pay rate changes) and there are no deductions other that statutory PAYE (employees tax, NI & pension where applicable) making your payslip simple and clear.

In short, the pay rate you agree, is the pay rate you are paid.

Honest Payroll… it’s what we do
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Self Employed / CIS
Enjoy the flexibility of self-employment… We’ll handle your contracts and payments (and insurances where needed) and you handle the rest. 

This option depends on the terms of the contracts relevant to the assignment and you’ll need to have your unique tax reference (UTR) number.  

We operate a “self-billing” system which means you don’t even have to send us an invoice and all our documents are made simple.    

We also offer access to our insurances where required.   

Solution benefits.:
- Fully compliant
- Self-billing
- Clear and simple paperwork
- Cost effective insurance cover 
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Limited Company
Operate your Limited company with total compliance… We’ll handle your contracts and payments (and insurances where needed) and you handle the rest. 

We provide a full compliant process to cover all elements of company compliance and Agency Legislation (technically; supervision, direction or control over the manner you perform the services).  We operate a “self-billing” system which means you don’t even have to send us an invoice and all our paperwork is clear and concise.  We also offer access to our insurances where required.  

Service benefits:
- Fully compliant process
- Self-billing
- Clear and simple paperwork
- Cost effective insurance cover 
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Looking for an international payments solution? Our branch Honest International can support with just that
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Have any questions? Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you are still looking for details, please reach out to us on Whatsapp!

What is an Umbrella Company?
An umbrella company is a business that employs workers who work on temporary contract assignments, usually through a recruitment agency. The umbrella company acts as an intermediary between the worker and the end client or agency and takes care of the worker's payroll and taxes.
Working through an Umbrella Company?
How does your payroll process work?
Contractors submit their timesheets to their agency. The agency compiles this data and when pay date is due, sends this timesheet data through to us.

We process the payroll viaMyDigital Accounts software based on the timesheet data we have received and then process a payment to your bank account.
When will I receive my payslip?
When we run a payroll, your payslip is generated by our accounting system and an email is sent out automatically to the email address you have provided upon registration. Your payslip will be password protected and this password will be your date of birth, in DDMMYYYY format. We also have a Portal that you can access historic payslips, P45s and P60s on. You will be sent an email with a portal link when registered.
What date will I get paid? 
Our pay dates differ depending on which agency you contract through. We operate Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly pay dates, again depending on agency. Please contact us, via email, WhatsApp or telephone, if you are unsure of when you should be paid.
Do you provide a workplace pension?
After 12 weeks of continuous employment, we are legally obliged to auto enrol you into a workplace pension. This pension is held with our pension provider Penfold. Penfold will email you when you are first enrolled and this email is confirmation of the enrolment, with a link to Opt-Out if you choose to. Penfold have a Pension Hunter system, where they will take on any previous pensions you have paid into.
Penfold Information
Why am I paying employers national insurance?
The agreed assignment rate is different to your gross pay rate when working with PAYE deductions. The assignment rate includes your gross pay rate and the statutory Employment costs. The assignment rate is charged to the end client for the work you have carried out. We then make sure that all the statutory employment costs are deducted. If you would like a breakdown of your take home pay, please let us know and we can provide you with an illustration.
GOV UK Details
Which bank account should I use?
We can pay into any bank account that you wish, however, with international payments, please take into account that it can take up to three working days for payments to reach you, so we do recommend a UK based account, if you have one. A UK bank account would also not incur any bank charges.
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